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Published - Thu, 09 Feb 2023

Should I prefer self study or instructor led model if I want to learn Hindi online

Should I prefer self study or instructor led model if I want to learn Hindi online

Self study only works when you have a structured dedication and discipline system towards your time management. More often than not, the flow breaks, leading to gaps in learning. Learning a language demands a stipulated time range. If you can maintain that period, self-learning will work wonders for you.

But in today’s busy world, with one or the other chores springing up, it's more effective to follow an instructor-led model. Now both of these get combined through online courses and apps that already provide a model. In some cases, you take out the time for yourself. Or, let the online classes do it for you.

Like most people, you may have been determined about learning a new language for years. The problem often is finding a wholesome course or program that delivers detailed instructions. After all, you don’t want to waste money or time only to find out that you’re pronouncing the main verbs wrong.

Believe it, language learning requires expertise.

How does an Online Course help in learning Hindi?

A study reports that almost 90% of high-income countries worldwide are providing online learning opportunities to their students, be it a language lesson, or anything else. On the contrary, this percentage is a meagre 36% in lower-middle income countries like India where digital exploration is very restricted. It is thus crystal clear that as much as it is important to lean on online learning, there is also a considerate risk of increasing existing inequalities. For instance, many students in India have grumbled about inaccessibility and the widespread digital boundary.

Many universities have kept the option flexible for students to opt for online Hindi classes. They have also tried their best not to make them a mandatory thing. To understand what works for you, let's take a look at one of the apps that provide online Hindi courses.

App improvements (and a price decrease) have bumped Pimsleur to the highest tier of the Hindi language list. The scrupulous lessons help kickstart your speaking skills, and the verbal prompts keep you occupied. Each lesson builds upon the last one, while letting you progress into more advanced lessons.

One of the advantages of Pimsleur is how they teach conversational speech. Both male and female voices speak the Hindi words and phrases that you learn, which implies you have more examples to modify your pronunciation. Since it’s an audio course, when it comes to written Hindi, there isn’t much to help you with. All in all, the differences between the premium and standard subscription plans are minor. But one benefit of the costliest option is there is more space for reading practice.

What Are The Advantages of An Online Hindi Class?

Have you heard that quote by Robert Frost? “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence”. 

When you are searching for an online Hindi class to sign up, you must consider the following advantages to make the correct choice for yourself.

  • Get a customized experience through online Hindi lessons.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Relish the flexibility to learn on-the-go.
  • Sign up for free demo classes.
  • Get access to the choice of teachers.
  • Learn from the comfort of your home.
  • Choose your own teacher who understands your learning needs.
  • Attend recorded classes or live sessions, as per your needs.
  • Download lesson plans, Sign up for extra query-solving sessions with your online tutor, session recordings, etc. to refer to later.
  • Get access to online resources 24x7.
  • Get guided practice on difficult topics of Hindi lessons like grammar.
  • Sign up for extra query-solving sessions with your online tutor.

Before deciding, you should know that online education is there to help you learn and not make your process more complex. So, give yourself the time you need and choose wisely.

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