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Published - Mon, 06 Mar 2023

How can a mobile app assist me in my hindi words pronounciation?

How can a mobile app assist me in my hindi words pronounciation?

Are you willing to learn Hindi pronunciation? Hindi is one of the most vividly spoken languages in the world, so learning Hindi is very remunerating and in today’s day and age, there are Hindi learning apps keeping a section specifically focused on pronunciation.

Nowadays, there is an application for learning any language. So it isn’t quite a shocker at all that there are apps for learning Hindi pronunciation as well. But can they really help in mastering Hindi? For sure. Hindi apps could be a beneficial inclusion to your learning toolbox, right alongside your Hindi TV shows, songs, textbooks and movies! These Hindi learning apps will help you to pronounce the Hindi alphabet and acquire fluency.

Here is the list of the best apps for learning Hindi pronunciation for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

1. Mondly

Mondly is a favoured language learning app worldwide. It promotes a row of languages, including Hindi. This Hindi learning app uses swift and short lessons to teach Hindi quickly with daily free lessons. The app concentrates more on conversational Hindi and pronunciations. You learn core Hindi words, make sentences, learn to speak Hindi phrases and indulge in conversations.

This app teaches Hindi pronunciations through games, and quick lessons. Beginner or advanced, linguistic enthusiast or business professional with a busy schedule, this Hindi learning app works with efficiency and dynamically caters to your needs. The lesson plan begins with conversational Hindi, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and going from there to a full-formed lesson.

2. KidsLipi

Kidslipi is an appealing and easy-to-access Hindi learning app that focuses on modulations and pronunciations. KidsLipi opens an avenue to the Hindi educators to fabricate and produce content that lines up with the curriculum students learn in the classroom. All quizzes, activities, and games are customised as per the book content and lessons, giving the learners complete freedom over what they can practice at home.

3. Drops

Drops is the most sought-after Hindi learning app to hone your Hindi pronunciation on the go. Spending just five minutes a day, you will learn the nuances of Hindi through their beautifully ornamented, inclusive and engaging teaching materials. The application has abundant recommended resources for Hindi enthusiasts, so that you can absorb the words you learn in Drops to your perfection of pronunciation. This Hindi learning app focuses more on intonation, conversational Hindi and grammar practised through practice.

4. Hindi Pronunciation : Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a reasonably refined app for learning languages. This Hindi app works at a modest level when teaching elementary Hindi phrases and grammar. In the beginning it's easy enough to guess the meaning and pronunciation of a Hindi word or phrase from pictures.

Additionally, the Hindi learning app pushes you to conveniently listen and take in the essence of Hindi intonations with downloadable audio lessons. Rosetta Stone gets you speaking the Hindi language with conviction and confidence. The most effective pronunciation tool they use is the speech recognition software that makes you speak out every Hindi syllable of the words and phrases you hear. On top of that, it provides you instant feedback, exhibiting the words as you speak them while asking you to repeat the word or phrase if you have missed out the first time.

5. HelloTalk

Hello Talk is another effective Hindi learning app to learn Hindi pronunciation because it’s progressive and compelling. Popular opinions comply that HelloTalk is the best app to learn Hindi for English speakers. This Hindi learning app includes a list of the following: Hindi phrases, words, and expressions in Hindi, Hindi greetings, conversation and idioms, and survival phrases. It also helps immensely if the user simply is interested in pronunciations while chatting in Hindi. The sentences are used for everyday conversations, so they might come useful if you learn to pronounce them correctly.

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